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- Prize - Persephone and Orion - by ooneithoo

Gift for Maguigrigri

*hyperventile à fond*

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Oui, je suis très très heureuse en cette soirée! *____* Merci, merci Neith!! *hug de la morkitu*


I’ve been taking my sketchbook with me everywhere lately, as a counterpart to my Instagram sprees.

I haven’t been drawing anything in a while but if feels weirdly therapeutic to be making lines on paper even though there are plenty of mistakes. Holidays reminded me about that as I wanted to buy one of those adult art-therapy coloring books, since it seems that I am afraid of blank pages of paper now.

Sorry for bad quality pictures; I’m currently looking for a new flat near Paris, don’t have a scanner with me as a consequence and can only take crappy photos with my camera.

Drawings of Nyrnaeh!!!! \*3*/


Borrowing some friends’characters to practice watercolors a bit :)

So, so beautiful! *v*

To ink… want to die! @__@


My OC Sae Zun.

Commission preview next part! :p




.Oc. Belphegore by Linelana

Ce charadesign de malade ! Tu me surprendras toujours pas ta fantaisie Line ! :D

(par* ma fantasy non ? 8D ) merciiii beaucoup >///< c’etait long et laborieux XD très heureuse que ça te plaise *o* 

ça. c’est de la bombe.

Wip of a commission : I love traditional art but we can not extend the work surface indefinitely like in digital art… +___+
Now, I will draw the second character of this illustration and fortunately, he has sooooo small wings! *v*